BOB Stroller Tire Pumps, Tools & Repair Kits

The following tools will assist you in maintaining or repairing your stroller. If you are unsure what to order please contact us for assistance. We are here to help!

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90 Degree Shrader Valve Adaptor

Anti-air loss connector makes attaching a pump much easier for hard to reach valves on smaller wheels such as strollers. Ninety degree tight angle head fits tight spaces and is shrader valve compatible on both ends. BOB Strollers utilize shrader valved tubes on all strollers.

90 Degree Shrader Valve Adapter - $11.95


park TL-6 tire lever

Composite covered, steel core tire lever set that provides smooth, scratch-free operation and superior strength to help remove even the tightest tires (like the front Revolution tire!). The TL-6 is perfect for use as a take-along or as an everyday bench lever. Set of two.

Park TL-6 Steel Core Tire Levers - $15.95


Topeak Mini Blaster DXG

Mini dual action pump with a built-in gauge for perfect inflation every time. SmartHead works with Presta and Schrader valves without swapping parts. Small enough to fit in a backpack or purse. (reg: $29.95)

Topeak Mini DXG Pump - Sale $25.46


Topeak Road Morph Pump

Longer barrel provides better performance and includes an in-line pressure gauge to take the guess work out of proper tire inflation. Fold out foot peg adds stability and hose allows for easy use. Morph technology allows pump to be used as a compact road bike pump or small floor pump.
Size: (L x W x H) 35 x 5.7 x 2.8 cm, 13.8" x 2.2" x 1.1"
Weight 220 g / 7.74 oz ( w/ gague)

Topeak Road Morph Pump w/Gauge - $39.95



The Topeak Joe Blow Sport II is an affordable, highly rated home or shop floor pump. Includes pressure gauge & double-sided TwinHead that works with Presta and Schrader valves.
Size: 13.7 x 25 x 67.5 cm (5.4 x 9.8x 26.6 inch)
Weight 1.4 kgs / 3.09 lbs

Topeak Joe Blow Sport II Floor Pump - $49.95



Compact tire repair kit that includes 3 Tire Levers and a box with six pre-glued Super Patches and one piece of sandpaper. Perfect for repairing small holes in inner tubes.

Park Tire Repair/Patch Kit - $5.99


Tire Repair/Patch Kit

A compact tire repair kit that includes 2 plastic tire levers for use in removing the tire from the wheel rim, 6 patches, glue, sandpaper. Perfect for repairing small holes in inner tubes.

Tire Repair/Patch Kit - $5.00